Outfit of the Day Jan. 5th

With living in Cali, we have some days that are Rainy but still warm. Today in California it’s rainy and windy but since I usually am indoors I needed some fashion. I have always been the type of person that dresses up no matter what the time is of the day or where I am going I always feel it’s better to be dressed up than dressed down.

Top – white and flowy, in this picture you can’t tell but I have it tucked in on my belt line. This top is beautiful but unfortunately, is sold out so I placed a look alike. I also ordered it 2 sizes bigger than me to make it look flowier.

Tank top – Today it is super cold and since this top is white I put a black top underneath to make it slightly warmer.

Scarf – This is a beautiful and comfy scarf, that can go with so much.

Pants – Any black skinny jeans will go great with this outfit. I have attached the exact ones I have on, but, I swear jeans are something I say to each it’s own, whatever makes you feel comfy and beautiful. These are 2 sizes smaller than what I really am and they are so comfy.

Boots – OK, so I know so many women have heard about this company, I swear I am not sponsored but these are so comfy I already had 3 people stop me and ask where I bought them. 2 already bought them. Unfortunately to get them you would have to sign up for the company. Or, have someone who is already a member to buy them for you.

Nails – I get dip powder done I sometimes do it at home but this time I got it done in a salon, I attached a look alike color of you would want to do them at home.

Hair – I used hot rollers today in my hair as I curled it with a curling Iron yesterday. I try to only use heat on my hair 2 times a week and used hot rollers for the rest of the week.

Published by Priscilla Catalano

Hi my name is Priscilla, and welcome to my blog. I am a young mom who is passionate about fashion and beauty. Please Fallow my blog for ideas, tips and tricks on fashion, kids clothes and diary stories of my life.

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