A night Out/ OOTD

So as most mom’s know, night outs with your husband or even boyfriend are hard to get. You are either spending your nights at home cleaning the clothes, or you spend your nights playing with crazy little munchkins and making Netflixs your night out. But, once in a while my husband and I ask my parents to watch our daughter so we can go out and enjoy a little couples time.

This past weekend I received a wonderful gift for my husband and I to go out to dinner and a comedy show in Morgan Hill and wow, This place was fabulous.

Not only was the food amazing but the venue was to die for. If you live in the Bay Area you would love this. I have to say it is better fit for a band than a comedian because at least you can dance on the lively floor.

The Location was The Granada. If you are looking for a fun night out try to see if you can get in on one of their shows. It’s great! 

Outfit details

Dress – this dress is about 8 years old unfortunately but it still looks rocking hot and it can make any girl look flattering. I have to say even for my age I use high wasted tummy tucking shorts as I feel it makes the dress look way more flattering.

Coat – I was a little scared to wear this jackets sit was full suede and I didn’t want it to get wet. (Since the weather has been really weird lately) Another Coat

Shoes – I have to say these shoes go with everything! Plus they make such a great statement piece I think everyone needs this in there wardrobe, whether it’s the really ones or the dupe ones.

Purse – OK, I love love this purse I got it 5 years ago in Paris when Jason surprised me with a trip there. It is the thing I feel goes with everything and has enough room to store everything. I have to say though LV doesn’t have allot of storage space in it so I highly suggest getting a storage helper for inside. (Really helps you keep things organized)

Nails – I unfortunately, didn’t get the nail color. But I did do dip nails, I honestly have to say dip powder is the best thing for natural nails. I feel it lasts forever on my fingers. But, pay attention to what they are doing, as they totally made mine so short. I mean it is easier to type but really hard to look at. 

Umbrella – with this crazy weather we are having in Silicon Valley a Umbrella is always needed. especially when you are wearing suede. 

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Hi my name is Priscilla, and welcome to my blog. I am a young mom who is passionate about fashion and beauty. Please Fallow my blog for ideas, tips and tricks on fashion, kids clothes and diary stories of my life.

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