Same Top, 2 Different Outfits

Most people don’t know but every lady needs a staple piece, most of the time its a pair of jeans or a pair of heels, but this time I used was a white top. White sometimes isn’t flattering on every woman but what some woman don’t know is the top should be, 1 to 2 sizes bigger than what you are. THe have it be a little baggy can make it look just right.

Now if anyone knows me, they know I am always in Heels. If I could wear them to the gym I would (don’t worry I don’t). When I lived in Missouri with my husband we used to have weekly meetings with our Army family. Everyone would always know it was me coming into the room because they could hear the heels walking. Even when I was pregnant with Sydney I had heels on. Jason and my Parents were always nervous I was going to fall but I knew I was ok, plus I have been using heels for so many years if I fell it was because of something else.

Both outfits can be used for any occasion whether it is hanging out with friends or a first date. These two outfits will can a room turn to look at you. Plus, I always feel its better to be overdressed than be underdressed. This is just a motto I have always followed.

Outfit 1

Top – Now my top was from Express but unfortunately, they don’t have it anymore it sold out so here are a few options for everyone budget. Top1 Top2 Top3

Jeans – I have so many jeans it’s not even funny but I have found these blue ones to be my favorite as they grab you in just the right places. I have these in so many colors, and I still want to add to that collection. (I know such a shopaholic)

Shoes – These are such a cute dupe for the Valentino’s as those are so pricy one pair is good enough. Plus these are comfy, for a few hours. I, however, wouldn’t suggest walking around in them for 18 hours on your first use. If you are traveling break them in first, then use them as long as you would like.

Jacket – Since the other jackets I put up have already sold out. I’m going to find you guys a few more in case they don’t have your size. Coat1 Coat2 Coat3

Outfit 2

Top – (if the links don’t work on this paragraph please go to the first paragraph to get Top details) Top1 Top2 Top3

Jeans – Love how these jeans no matter how many times you wash them stay black. Black jeans I feel are one of the hardest jeans to stay black, as they fade throughout time.

Heels – I have these in black and I believe Camo too. Love the hight and for the price, they are a steal. They go great with everything I swear by that. The black ones are my favorite but every girl needs some leopard print in their life.

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Hi my name is Priscilla, and welcome to my blog. I am a young mom who is passionate about fashion and beauty. Please Fallow my blog for ideas, tips and tricks on fashion, kids clothes and diary stories of my life.

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