Best Learning Toddler Toys

If you are anything like me, you are completely lost in what teaches your toddler basics, like colors, numbers and even letters.

I love my little girl but every child is different, but finding the right toys in order to make sure your child learns can be super difficult. I have found a few basic toys and puzzles that I swear by. It doesn’t just teach them colors but it also teaches them shapes and how to count. The best thing about it is that I found them all on Amazon, so it is easy to order and just come to your house for the working moms.

  1. Color Shape Matching Egg Set – these eggs are great because they have different colors for each egg. Plus different shapes so they can learn how to match the shapes and colors. They are easy to throw in your purse if you are on the go.
  2. Color Matching Egg Set – these eggs are like the other ones but have little dots and numbers on the inside. This helps them to match the dots and learn to count the dots. It also has a visible number on the inside so they can recognize what the number looks like.
  3. Kidoozie Peek N Peep Eggs – Sydney got these when she was only 6 months old and I basically had to take them everywhere because she loved to make them tweet, and loved playing with them. It does also teach them shapes and colors but in a different way. The Color shapes matching eggs they need to match them to put them together. These teach them to match the shapes to put them away in the box.
  4. Numbers and Colors Pig E Bank – I love this piggy not only is it super cute, my daughter learned how to tell the numbers apart. The piggy also has a slight shape on the back of each coin, in order for it to tell the child if they got the right number or color. It’s honestly great! The piggy not only asks for the number but it asks for the colors too. It has one through ten which I think is a perfect amount of numbers for a toddler.
  5. Count and Learn Cookie Jar – This baby jar is so cute, it, unfortunately, doesn’t teach them colors but it does teach them to count dots. Which sometimes can be hard for some kids.
  6. VTech DigiArt Creative Easel – This easel goes over letters. It even teaches them how to write them. Which can be very hard for some kids. I always have to help her draw them as she doesn’t know how to hold the pen correctly yet or with which hand. (I’m a lefty, but Jason is right Handed, so we don’t know yet what Sydney will be) They do make it in another color ill attach it here, Sydney has to the pink one.
  7. Toy To Enjoy Alphabet Puzzles – This puzzle is old school but I think it still helps them learn how to recognize the numbers and letters. Most kids at this age are learning from just looking, but I have found the best way to help Sydney with her letters is singing the alphabet, it not only is fun for her but teaches her.
  8. Seek-a-Boo Game – This game is great the kids look at the card and try to find the matching card. You basically can play it with up to 4 kids and they love it, they run to get the matching one. It has colors, shapes, animals and some clothing in the game so they learn how to say all the things. I love watching the kids play this game. They get so happy to try to get the right matching one.
  9. My First Match It – this is fun for kids because they learn puzzles. Kids love puzzles and it is an easy matching game for them plus they learn some new animals or even farm basics. Sydney has the farm and the food one.
  10. Blippi – This isn’t really on Amazon but it’s on youtube. Sydney wakes up asking for this guy and I personally like what he stands for. He loves kids plus his videos are fun and educational! He is truly a savor if I can’t think of what to teach her next or if I have to do something around the house. She watches his videos and learns something new every day, its perfect!

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