Refreshing Tuesday OOTD Feb. 12

Only a few days until Valentine’s day and wow does time fly. Tuesdays for me lately I only work a few hours. So, I try to get dressed up but I am usually in a hurry to get out the door so I apologize for this picture not being perfect. Usually, on the weekends Jason or my mom will take my pictures but on the weekdays I’m taking them while running to work.

SO I recently have fallen in love with my, old stuff that I swear I haven’t seen for years but I am starting to find them like everywhere I look.
Fur is really in lately so this jacket is perfect for this cold weather. I am going to find a few of these and put them here. Jacket1 Jacket2 Jacket3

This top really doesn’t have much, its just plan green drape top (Which don’t worry I will find you ladies some) the only problem with this one is you have to use a tank top underneath it or you have to pin it in the middle. I hate tops like that but I count miss out on the color of it, especially since it was almost a perfect match. Top1 Top2 Top3

Jeans, you know me I’m sure when you see me on the street I am either in jeans or sweat pants. Jeans1 Jeans2 Jeans3

I have to admit I got a steal on these boots when I bought them. But, right now I can’t seem to find them as they were a few years ago. I will, however, tell you they were Donald Pliner boots, so I am going to see if I can find something similar. Boots1 Boots2 Boots3

Purse – Love this purse but I know it is getting a little old I am looking for another one just haven’t decided on what yet. Plus it needs to be big enough to hold all the baby stuff I have to carry. I did, however, find some great Used ones and Replicas for you ladies. Purse1 purse2 purse3

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Hi my name is Priscilla, and welcome to my blog. I am a young mom who is passionate about fashion and beauty. Please Fallow my blog for ideas, tips and tricks on fashion, kids clothes and diary stories of my life.

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