Wear Test on Drug Store Items

When I went to target this past weekend I noticed some new cosmetics so I decided I would do a wear test in order to see how it works with my skin and boy I have learned something new.

Revlon has come out with some new Photoready Makeup called CADID it claims to be a Natural finish Makeup. What I notice with this, is that it does Oxidize allot. Throughout the day my makeup got darker plus I started getting a little bit of an allergic reaction to it. It only happened around my lips but it seemed after a few hours it didn’t work with me. So, unfortunately, it will be a return.

Revlon Colorstay concealer, I used to love this when it first came out. I think I got this a little too light of shade as this kinda made an ashy look everywhere I put it. It did, however, wear all day and didn’t cause any acne. So, I will keep it for the spots that get really swollen.

Maybelline is a great brand and since it has been forever since I wore drug store makeup I decided to try the FIT ME concealer. About a year ago I tried the makeup and I feel it just didn’t live up to its name like my Estee Lauder makeup. After trying it for the day I don’t feel it covered my dark circles well enough. It kinda gave a grey hue which drove me crazy because I felt like it made them more noticeable. Once again a return.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer – I have the first one that came out and I love it so wouldn’t you know I love this one too. I wouldn’t suggest this for an all-day wear as it can get blotchy throughout the day.

Wet and Wild Highlighter – Oh Yes this stuff is great it has a beautiful color. Plus it doesn’t grab to the dry patches and you can definitely see it on the skin. I use this not only for the highlight I also use it for an eye shadow.

After 4 Hours of Wear
After 8 Hour wear, I think my skin started to react to it. Not fun at all.

Published by Priscilla Catalano

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