Never Too Late

This has been long over due I know I have been a little MIA but with all the construction we have going on I haven’t been getting out much.

Jacket – So White House Black Market has become my go-to for jackets lately they are great quality plus if you wait for a sale you get them at a great price!

Top – This peplum top is super cute plus it’s black so it pretty much goes with everything.

Leggings – I swear by this brand of leggings they are so so comfortable. Plus they make you look model skinny.

Boots – These boots were a birthday gift. Super cute but if you buy them I don’t suggest wearing them with socks. They run a little big.

Purse – Even though it doesn’t hold much it is super cute and always goes with everything!

Published by Priscilla Catalano

Hi my name is Priscilla, and welcome to my blog. I am a young mom who is passionate about fashion and beauty. Please Fallow my blog for ideas, tips and tricks on fashion, kids clothes and diary stories of my life.

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