Outfit of the Day Jan. 5th

With living in Cali, we have some days that are Rainy but still warm. Today in California it’s rainy and windy but since I usually am indoors I needed some fashion. I have always been the type of person that dresses up no matter what the time is of the day or where I amContinue reading “Outfit of the Day Jan. 5th”

Best and Worst lotions for Self-Tanner

If you are anything like me, you self tan. And, for us semi-dark ladies we hate losing our tan we worked so hard to get. One thing I have learned through out all my self-tanners is that self-tanner doesn’t work well with certain lotions. As many of us bloggers say, use lotion to make theContinue reading “Best and Worst lotions for Self-Tanner”

Top Self Tanners

For everyone that knows me, knows I love my self-tanner. As I used to go into tanning booths but the cost, if you don’t go all the time, is a little much for a mom of a 2-year old that works. So with this, I started the self-tanning journey. Self-tanner can be difficult to findContinue reading “Top Self Tanners”