On Wednesday’s We Wear FUR

This fur is pretty Old school. Since fur is coming back, why not wear it to work. I love this furry Jacket, unfortunately, it is pretty old so it’s not on the market anymore but doesn’t worry I am going to find you ladies a really good one to match. Fur is pretty easy toContinue reading “On Wednesday’s We Wear FUR”

Tuesday Sale Day

To all my followers out there it is finally what we all have been waiting for! JEANS SALE, now you all know I love my jeans but for the past few months I have been raving about my Abercrombie jeans! So it is the best time to buy is now as all jeans are 50%Continue reading “Tuesday Sale Day”

Valentines Day Outfits

When it comes to Valentines Day everyone is different. There are some women who love to get dressed up and there are some people that are just trying to get out of the house and have a good time. I fit in both worlds, it just all depends on what I am going for, sometimesContinue reading “Valentines Day Outfits”

OOTD Feb 5th

Wow, the time has gone by so fast I can’t believe its already February!! If you live in Cali you know we don’t get a lot of cold weather, It’s mostly sunny! This week has been crazy as its been raining and windy all weekend, so most of my outfit today is trying to keepContinue reading “OOTD Feb 5th”

OOTD Friday Fever Feb 1

I thought I would dress up today. Not the best idea in pouring rain but it made me feel super cute! The outfit wasn’t just cute but comfy too as Friday’s need to be a chill day! Top – this was a great find at target. I love the way it ties in the frontContinue reading “OOTD Friday Fever Feb 1”