OOTD All black

Spring is here but it is still cold. Which totally stinks as I have all these cute outfits. Today I decided to just swear something cute but it still looks kinda like winter.

One think I love about online shopping late is the free returns. I kinda don’t shop anywhere, where I can’t get free returns.

As a mom lately I noticed that it is so hard to actually go to the store and shop around when you have kids. So Amazon, target, lulus and gap have pretty much become the few places I shop at.

Top – this off the shoulders top is so cute. I do have to say the peplum part of it needs to be little fixed I had to sewed a little of it in to make sure it doesn’t roll into its self. Only problem is I can’t find it anywhere to link it. It is from target brand is Who Wear Where. Here are a few look a likes, top1 top2

Pants – I love these crop pants they looks so good. Plus fit perfect, I will however tag a few other ones just in case you don’t like these. Also remember gap has a ton of sales all the time so keep in mind these may go on sale. Pants1 pants2

Heels – I love these pumps there so cute and you can use them year around! Makes it easy to go with everything. The heel height is tall but I’m pretty used to it!

Spring/ Winter

Weather is weird in California, lately were not sure what the day will bring. This weekend I wanted to wear something different but I cant stand this weather because all of my cute stuff for spring is so hard to take out. Especially since I love summer, it is my favorite time of the year.

Top – with being a working mom at times it is hard for me to go to the store to just shop, so I shop online than go pick up in store. The place that I love by my house is Target, if you haven’t noticed already. This tie top is so cute plus it keeps you so warm! Im going to attach a few more just in case you don’t find it at your local target.

Jeans – ok can we say how cute is this color. My favorite color since I was a kid was yellow. I love the way it seems to always make people smile no matter what shade it is. When I found these jeans I just feel in love they fit so great! I would however suggest you go down one size from your normal size as it is a little tight on the waist.

Wedges – I found these wedges from Sm0lx the you tuber. I love her style, so when I saw them I needed to get them. Only problem is they don’t make them anymore so I am going to attach a few look a likes. Wedges1 Wedges2 Wedge3

Tote – I love this tote. I know it is so big but I love that you can customize it and you can still have a bag that pretty much carries everything. I have the wallet too!!

30 is the new 20!

Somehow I hear this all the time. Everyone is always telling me that 39 is the new 29, but I never thought 30 was that old.

This year was mine and Jasons 30 year, I decided I would throw him. 30th birthday party!

Unfortunately, his birthday party was on St. Patrick’s day, so even though you think I’m not wearing green this lovely dress has some beautiful seamless green leaves so it passed.

Dress – this off the shoulder dress is great for spring and summer its not only really comfy its also super flattering! I love the way it fits plus for some crazy reason I always think I’m a big size but I thought with this style I should go down a size and boy was a right the medium fit perfect!!

Over the knee boots – I have grown to really love these boots. I found these looking for Stuart Weitzman boots in grey and these were a great dupe. I have to say if you are going to buy them I highly suggest going a size up just for comfort. I got mine in a size 7 but even though they fit I can only wear them for a few hours.

Fresh into Spring

Spring is finally here! Sorry this blog has been so MIA, I have been sick lately and haven’t had time to sit down and write. I am going to try to become better at this next week. Even though it’s kinda getting some sun outside it’s still kinda cold so you still will need a jacket in Cali.

I love this outfit it was so simple but still beautiful.

Jacket – this jacket is my go too this winter. It’s long enough to cover your back so you are still get the warmth but you have the style also.

Top – This is so cute I love it I kept seeing it on some bloggers but I noticed the ones they had on were all sold out. So I went looking for something similar. This is not only cute but it is so soft. I just love it. It Also has adjustable straps which work great if you have a large bust.

Jeans – these Jeans are the perfect color for winter not so much spring. But, from what I have learned with Fashion is that jeans no matter the color never go out of style.

Over the Knee – these over the knee boots are too cute I bought them a few years ago but the good news is they never go out of style. I will attach a few different ones on here. Boots1 Boots2

Purse – this was a lovely gift from my husband. Since Jason was in the military, camo is always a cool look for him. This purse is just perfect because you can not only design it all, you can put your initials on it and can make it pretty much however you want.

Necklace – I know your going to ask, “what does your necklace mean?” well this was a cute little necklace I found on Etsy. Its the constellation of my horoscope.

Never Too Late

This has been long over due I know I have been a little MIA but with all the construction we have going on I haven’t been getting out much.

Jacket – So White House Black Market has become my go-to for jackets lately they are great quality plus if you wait for a sale you get them at a great price!

Top – This peplum top is super cute plus it’s black so it pretty much goes with everything.

Leggings – I swear by this brand of leggings they are so so comfortable. Plus they make you look model skinny.

Boots – These boots were a birthday gift. Super cute but if you buy them I don’t suggest wearing them with socks. They run a little big.

Purse – Even though it doesn’t hold much it is super cute and always goes with everything!

NYX vs. Loreal Foundation

Foundation can be super expensive it can range in department stores from 20 dollars to almost 100. This is why so many women on a day to day don’t use makeup or choose to use a drugstore. This past weekend I decided to try 2 of the newest drug store foundations on the market, NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation and Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear Foundation are the 2 new foundations out at the drug store.

Infallible 24hr Fresh Foundation – the claims are to last 24 hours and look fresh all day like your not wearing makeup. Plus it “claims” to be full coverage. Full coverage and not look like you are wearing foundation. Well, I am here to tell you that it is not true at all. it doesn’t cover up everything after about 6 pumps of it I started to notice it is not doing anything but making everything look super caky! It also caused a reaction on my forehead. Which was fun trying to get to go away. This was only after one use.

The claims of it lasting 24 hours are totally wrong it probably will last 6 hours. It doesn’t make you look flawless it makes you look old and tired. I don’t suggest it for a long day or for pictures.

Nyx can’t stop won’t stop is another story. It states it will also last all day and look amazing. This I can say is super true! It lasted 10 hours and still looked great. It didn’t cause any acne. I just suggest you make sure your face is clean or it can cause some dirty pore action.

It claims to look flawless but if you don’t use a little powder over it, it won’t work as well.

Now side by side I would always go with Nyx it’s more of a stronger foundation. But it does rub off so make sure you are using a great primer!

Loreal was my go-to makeup many years ago before I found Sephora! It has some great products I swear by but the infallible won’t be one.

Saturday are Wine Day’s

This outfit was inspired by so many blogger put together. I lately have been in love with the fedora hat.

Hat – I personally like the hats that have a little bit of a flop to it. This one is great but slightly to big for my head so if it’s windy it flys away!

Top – I got this as a gift from one of my besties! Even though it’s Petite I feel it could fit a regular size woman it perfect.

Jeans – once again my comfy jeans! They fit great everyday.

Booties – these wedges are so cute, plus so comfy and with this weather it’s not bad to have something like this.

Happy Friday!!! OOTD

Happy Friday everyone!!! I can’t believe the week is already over time flies so fast it’s crazy!

Vest– I found this vest in my closet and I fell in love. Its a little tight as I think it was when I was a smaller size but at this moment I’m at the same size I was in high school. Even after having my Daughter, I haven’t really gained a lot of weight. Which is great but it makes me not want to give anything up.

Turtle neck – This is not as warm as you would think but the colors go great! plus it isn’t too tight which is great because it fits great, and isn’t too tight.

Jeans – I can’t say how much I love these jeans. They are pretty much almost sold out. They fit just right, and the color stays black, doesn’t change with every wash. Which is a big plus to me.

Boots – I swear by these boots. I wore these basically all over Europe and people loved them. They gave me the height but not too much of it. Since my husband is so tall, I have to make sure I have some heel or I disappear.

Hair – Once again I usually us a T3 curling Iron but today I used my hot rollers. It defiantly helps in I am in a rush. But, the bad part is you have to remember to turn it, which somedays I forget.

Hair color – I know I have changed my hair color all the time but I wanted to let you ladies know my last hair color. Yes, I know box dye is bad! I just feel I never really have time to go in, and it takes so long it is so much easier for me to do it at home. Top Color, Bottom Color

On Wednesday’s We Wear FUR

This fur is pretty Old school. Since fur is coming back, why not wear it to work. I love this furry Jacket, unfortunately, it is pretty old so it’s not on the market anymore but doesn’t worry I am going to find you ladies a really good one to match. Fur is pretty easy to make it work

Fur Jacket – This fur was from Cache but unfortunately it closed down by me a few years ago. I am going to put a few jackets here so you can look at the same color also. Jacket1 Jacket2 Jacket3

This Top is awesome it really can be used two different ways you can do it as a casual top or as a worktop. The bell sleeves fit just right and don’t make it awkward. I would, however, go one size up as it is a little form fitting on the chest area.

Ankle pants are my work pants! I love these pants I think I have 2 pairs of black ones, a grey pair, and a blue pair.

Love these shoes they may not be that comfy but they looked bomb with my outfit!!

This is the nail polish color I have in this photo I know you all will want to know.

Date Night

I love getting dressed up. Especially if it is to a nice restaurant. We went to this new steak house in Campbell, have to say great food.

When I found this dress last year it was on a blogger. I loved it and had to get it. But even though I thought it was a little short it looked so good and fit so well I had to wear it that night.

Free People is a great Brand and this dress looks great I swear on everyone. The best part is you don’t have to wear it like a Dress you can wear it as a top too. I am a little too short to use it as a Shirt but I love using it as a Dress. Here are a few others just in case they are sold out of your size, Tunic1 Tunic2

This dress has a great style but if you use it you need at lease an undergarment. This is the one I suggest it matches the outfit great.

Since it was so cold I used some tights too keep me warm. Plus I haven’t self-tanned in a long time so I thought I was wayyyy to white to pull it off.

And some beautiful High Heeled boots.

Something I forget the simple things like what curler I use which is a T3 Curling Iron. I love this Iron because you can switch out the barrels so it makes it easier than keeping so many curling irons around.