Wear Test on Drug Store Items

When I went to target this past weekend I noticed some new cosmetics so I decided I would do a wear test in order to see how it works with my skin and boy I have learned something new.

Revlon has come out with some new Photoready Makeup called CADID it claims to be a Natural finish Makeup. What I notice with this, is that it does Oxidize allot. Throughout the day my makeup got darker plus I started getting a little bit of an allergic reaction to it. It only happened around my lips but it seemed after a few hours it didn’t work with me. So, unfortunately, it will be a return.

Revlon Colorstay concealer, I used to love this when it first came out. I think I got this a little too light of shade as this kinda made an ashy look everywhere I put it. It did, however, wear all day and didn’t cause any acne. So, I will keep it for the spots that get really swollen.

Maybelline is a great brand and since it has been forever since I wore drug store makeup I decided to try the FIT ME concealer. About a year ago I tried the makeup and I feel it just didn’t live up to its name like my Estee Lauder makeup. After trying it for the day I don’t feel it covered my dark circles well enough. It kinda gave a grey hue which drove me crazy because I felt like it made them more noticeable. Once again a return.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer – I have the first one that came out and I love it so wouldn’t you know I love this one too. I wouldn’t suggest this for an all-day wear as it can get blotchy throughout the day.

Wet and Wild Highlighter – Oh Yes this stuff is great it has a beautiful color. Plus it doesn’t grab to the dry patches and you can definitely see it on the skin. I use this not only for the highlight I also use it for an eye shadow.

After 4 Hours of Wear
After 8 Hour wear, I think my skin started to react to it. Not fun at all.

Hair Extensions I Swear By

So, as you know I’m 30 years old and probably since I was 17 I haven’t had long hair, well real long hair.

When I turned 16 I was able to convince my mom that I wasn’t happy with my hair color. So, I started trying colors and high lights and I swear if it wasn’t for the roots growing out every few weeks I wouldn’t know my real hair color.

At 30 I don’t think my hair has ever really gotten to its long length I had before I started coloring it. Just because I have never left it alone. One day I was with a bunch of friends complaining about how my hair never gets longer and they had beautiful long hair. Till one of them told me that they were all wearing extensions, not only was I in shock. I wanted hair like that too. I tried a bunch of brands and now feel I have found the right ones to DIY your hair to make it longer or even fuller.

I have only tried 2 hair extensions methods Clip ins and Tape ins. The reason I have only tried these 2 out is that they are the only 2 that you can honestly do at home. I have always loved doing my own hair, it just makes me feel like if I make a mistake at least I am the one at fault.

For clip-ins, I only swear by 2 brands.

  1. Foxy Locks – this brand works out of London, But they are a great brand. It is only hard if you are on a time crunch, and you need long hair faster. I love there Seamless clip in extensions. They are great and you can barely tell them, in your hair. I always get the 18 or 20″ hair extensions in 160 grams. everything else just weights down my real hair too much.

2. Luxy Hair – This was the first online brand I found online, it had great shipping, plus the hair was great quality. But, unfortunately, their prices just went so high I had to find another brand online, and I felt at times after months of use they would get really tangled or the hair would get ruined easily.

The reason I loved only these 2 brands is because of the hair quality. I had one set for about 6 months and they still felt great. They didn’t get in knots throughout the day and they were thick, you want to look at the gram weight. That is how you know it will be thick enough to blend in with your hair.

Tape in’s I have tried out 4 brands now and only believe in 3, and yes all are on Amazon!

  1. Beauty On Line– these were the first ones I got due to a youtuber that loved them and swore by them. So for the price, I had to order them and wow are tape ins different from clip-ins. you can’t even feel them in your hair they just stick there and don’t move. If you were to get these I highly suggest you retape them as most of them pretty much fell out.
  2. Easyouth – These are the ones I have in currently and I love them. The price is great for 2 sets. With these, I also suggest you retape them, as the tape that was on them started peeling off in just a few hours. (doesn’t help I am always touching my hair)
  3. Googoo Balayage – When I decided to do highlights again I thought this would be the best way to go as it is less damaging to your hair. The color and feel is great but warning it can be hard to get the right color if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

What I use to wash them. I have had hair extensions for a long time so I have to say these are the only brands I swear by.

  1. Iles Formula – I heard about this through Emily Gemma the blogger as that is what was suggested for her extensions. and wow Do I swear by it. I honestly feel that it makes my hair better every time I use it. I do however suggest you pay attention to the directions as if you don’t do it right you may get the wrong results.
  2. AG Hair Care – I only suggest the Moisture brand and nothing with keratin or sulfates, as at times it can make my real hair feel fried!

Refreshing Tuesday OOTD Feb. 12

Only a few days until Valentine’s day and wow does time fly. Tuesdays for me lately I only work a few hours. So, I try to get dressed up but I am usually in a hurry to get out the door so I apologize for this picture not being perfect. Usually, on the weekends Jason or my mom will take my pictures but on the weekdays I’m taking them while running to work.

SO I recently have fallen in love with my, old stuff that I swear I haven’t seen for years but I am starting to find them like everywhere I look.
Fur is really in lately so this jacket is perfect for this cold weather. I am going to find a few of these and put them here. Jacket1 Jacket2 Jacket3

This top really doesn’t have much, its just plan green drape top (Which don’t worry I will find you ladies some) the only problem with this one is you have to use a tank top underneath it or you have to pin it in the middle. I hate tops like that but I count miss out on the color of it, especially since it was almost a perfect match. Top1 Top2 Top3

Jeans, you know me I’m sure when you see me on the street I am either in jeans or sweat pants. Jeans1 Jeans2 Jeans3

I have to admit I got a steal on these boots when I bought them. But, right now I can’t seem to find them as they were a few years ago. I will, however, tell you they were Donald Pliner boots, so I am going to see if I can find something similar. Boots1 Boots2 Boots3

Purse – Love this purse but I know it is getting a little old I am looking for another one just haven’t decided on what yet. Plus it needs to be big enough to hold all the baby stuff I have to carry. I did, however, find some great Used ones and Replicas for you ladies. Purse1 purse2 purse3

Tuesday Sale Day

To all my followers out there it is finally what we all have been waiting for! JEANS SALE, now you all know I love my jeans but for the past few months I have been raving about my Abercrombie jeans! So it is the best time to buy is now as all jeans are 50% off! If $39-44 dollars is a good price you can also try the sister brand of Abercrombie, Hollister they are also having a sale.

This sale is great and I usually only buy my jeans during this sale, as I love sales!

Here are a few of my favorites!

High rise for a woman like me is perfect as even though I am not fat I always feel I have a pudge on my belly the high rise help keep everything tucked in.

My favorite hemmed jeans! If you have been following me then you know I wear these all the time and I swear by the fit! They are true to size!

I also love the ripped jeans they are just the perfect color and if they stretch out with one wash and dry, they are back to perfect shape. They also fit true to size.

Hollister Jeans

These are super stretchy and comfy!!! I love the material of them.

I have these hollister ones and I love them. The dark color is just dark enough to go with almost everything.

The rest of my outfit

Sweater – unfortunately I can’t find a identical sweater but if I find another I will post it to here. For now here is one.

Booties – my booties are from last year but here are some that look just like them!

Purse – I love my Lv. But I want to make sure you ladies can find one the fits your budget too.

Valentines Day Outfits

When it comes to Valentines Day everyone is different. There are some women who love to get dressed up and there are some people that are just trying to get out of the house and have a good time.

I fit in both worlds, it just all depends on what I am going for, sometimes Jason and I go out to a fancy dinner and sometimes we just go out to go bowling or get out of the house.

Here are a few outfit ideas I am sure you have at home. If not, I am going to try to get some local in order for you to go anywhere and Just pick it up.

Outfit 1

This off the shoulders dress is perfect for a night out. With a little flow at the ends, it is flattering for any girl especially if you are going out to dance, the flare at the bottom makes for a good moves outfit. Dress2 Dress3 Dress4 Here are a few heeled Ideas too, Heel1 Heel2 Heel3.

Outfit 2

This outfit is simple but brings out a little bit of color. Even though Valentine’s day is usually a day to dress up this out basically gives you the color but more for a fair or bowling date. Leather Jacket, Blouse and Pants. Gonna include a few Heel Ideas for this outfit is you are going for a way to make it fancy. Heel1 Heel2 Heel3

Outfit 3

And for our pregnant moms, I know at times you don’t feel beautiful, but you truly are and I feel these outfits will look great on you also. To bring a little life back into your outfits. Dress1 Dress2 Dress3 Dress4

Funky Friday OOTD Feb 7

Funky Friday with a little bit of flower color to brighten up the day.

I am seriously in love with this outfit. It is simple but truly an adorable outfit that anyone can use to work, a night out and even when you are hanging out with friends having some wine.

Jacket – this draped jacket is amazing the color looks great and it truly makes your outfit have a pop of color. But, on the neutral side.

Top – this side tie top is super cute and for the cost, I felt it was not only great for winter but super cute for spring and summer. I love how bright it is but the flowers on it are super neutral. Top2 (another one with same print but different style.)

Jeans – you know me always in these cute, cute ripped jeans. They’re perfect for a fun day at work, they give a little 90’s look.

Heels – these were my first Daisie heels, and seriously after getting them I went crazy and got a ton of colors. not only is the heel cute, but it also is super comfy.

Purse – I love this purse but, it has its flaws, at times if you put too much in it, it can be heavy and hurt your arm. I highly suggest getting the one with the strap on it.

OOTD Feb 5th

Wow, the time has gone by so fast I can’t believe its already February!! If you live in Cali you know we don’t get a lot of cold weather, It’s mostly sunny!

This week has been crazy as its been raining and windy all weekend, so most of my outfit today is trying to keep warm.

Jacket – this jacket was at a awesome price I found it at TJ MAX. The grey is just a perfect color more like a taupe color. Unfortunately, I can’t find it on the TJ MAXX website so here are a few look-alike ones. Jacket1 jacket2

Top – since the jacket has flaps on the front I decided that a plain black turtle neck would be perfect! Plus it kept me a little warmer too.

Pants – I love different colored pants especially the darker colors, they bring out a different look. The only problem with that is you have to keep minimal color on the top.

Shoes – These little booties go with everything I love it. Unfortunately, my shoes are from justfab.com so I found another brand for you ladies.

Purse – Speedy 30 is always a way to go.

OOTD Friday Fever Feb 1

I thought I would dress up today. Not the best idea in pouring rain but it made me feel super cute! The outfit wasn’t just cute but comfy too as Friday’s need to be a chill day!

Top – this was a great find at target. I love the way it ties in the front but has the button down part of it too. Super comfy.

Pants – these trousers are awesome they have pockets on the side, so your able to put your phone in, if needed. It also is super flattering on your legs even though it’s ankles pants.

Heels – these Aldo shoes are super cute and the heel is high but it’s comfortably high. I only suggest it for 4 hours of standing though. I sit a ton at work, so heels are my go too.

Bracelet – truth this is a real Tiffany’s bracelet. I have looked for a similar one but it doesn’t exist. I worked at Tiffany’s as a seasonal and I feel in love with it the minute it came in.

Ring – matching Tiffany’s ring. The Tiffany T is a very popular collection. I love the way it fits plus it doesn’t get stuck on your clothes.

Outfit of the day Jan 30TH

These days I throw on what I can find and run out the door.

But today I decided to match myself with colors but stick out also.

Top – as much as I love this top you really can’t see it under this fur jacket. But it does keep my arms warm and make the outfit looked finished. Top2

Jacket – I got this jacket for Macy’s so many years ago, but it still looks great and is always trendy. I will put some here that look just like it.

Jeans/leggings – these leggings do run a little big so I suggest you go down a size vs sticking with the size you usually use.

Shoes – these are super cute but I’m going to give you ladies a different suggestion as these are pretty out of stock. Shoes2

Purse – I don’t change purses often I honestly stick with the same one, till I need to change it. I use this purse all the time but when I do, I use this organizer in order to keep it together as things can get lost in this purse.

Best Learning Toddler Toys

If you are anything like me, you are completely lost in what teaches your toddler basics, like colors, numbers and even letters.

I love my little girl but every child is different, but finding the right toys in order to make sure your child learns can be super difficult. I have found a few basic toys and puzzles that I swear by. It doesn’t just teach them colors but it also teaches them shapes and how to count. The best thing about it is that I found them all on Amazon, so it is easy to order and just come to your house for the working moms.

  1. Color Shape Matching Egg Set – these eggs are great because they have different colors for each egg. Plus different shapes so they can learn how to match the shapes and colors. They are easy to throw in your purse if you are on the go.
  2. Color Matching Egg Set – these eggs are like the other ones but have little dots and numbers on the inside. This helps them to match the dots and learn to count the dots. It also has a visible number on the inside so they can recognize what the number looks like.
  3. Kidoozie Peek N Peep Eggs – Sydney got these when she was only 6 months old and I basically had to take them everywhere because she loved to make them tweet, and loved playing with them. It does also teach them shapes and colors but in a different way. The Color shapes matching eggs they need to match them to put them together. These teach them to match the shapes to put them away in the box.
  4. Numbers and Colors Pig E Bank – I love this piggy not only is it super cute, my daughter learned how to tell the numbers apart. The piggy also has a slight shape on the back of each coin, in order for it to tell the child if they got the right number or color. It’s honestly great! The piggy not only asks for the number but it asks for the colors too. It has one through ten which I think is a perfect amount of numbers for a toddler.
  5. Count and Learn Cookie Jar – This baby jar is so cute, it, unfortunately, doesn’t teach them colors but it does teach them to count dots. Which sometimes can be hard for some kids.
  6. VTech DigiArt Creative Easel – This easel goes over letters. It even teaches them how to write them. Which can be very hard for some kids. I always have to help her draw them as she doesn’t know how to hold the pen correctly yet or with which hand. (I’m a lefty, but Jason is right Handed, so we don’t know yet what Sydney will be) They do make it in another color ill attach it here, Sydney has to the pink one.
  7. Toy To Enjoy Alphabet Puzzles – This puzzle is old school but I think it still helps them learn how to recognize the numbers and letters. Most kids at this age are learning from just looking, but I have found the best way to help Sydney with her letters is singing the alphabet, it not only is fun for her but teaches her.
  8. Seek-a-Boo Game – This game is great the kids look at the card and try to find the matching card. You basically can play it with up to 4 kids and they love it, they run to get the matching one. It has colors, shapes, animals and some clothing in the game so they learn how to say all the things. I love watching the kids play this game. They get so happy to try to get the right matching one.
  9. My First Match It – this is fun for kids because they learn puzzles. Kids love puzzles and it is an easy matching game for them plus they learn some new animals or even farm basics. Sydney has the farm and the food one.
  10. Blippi – This isn’t really on Amazon but it’s on youtube. Sydney wakes up asking for this guy and I personally like what he stands for. He loves kids plus his videos are fun and educational! He is truly a savor if I can’t think of what to teach her next or if I have to do something around the house. She watches his videos and learns something new every day, its perfect!