Outfit of the day Jan 26

Style is a big part of my life. I always feel I have to look great, before I leave the house even on a not so good hair day.

Today I have to run a few Errands and go to lunch with some friends.

Hat – This hat is so cute and I just love the detail on the side. It comes in all different colors but still had the detailed leaf on the side.

Sweater – this top is from last year. I saw a few bloggers had it and I wanted it so bad but all they had in my size was the grey. I still love it but I can’t use it to the side as the blogger did. Guess I’m just not skinny enough.

Leggings – I’m sure you have heard of everyone raving about these leggings and boy are they right. my favorite part about them is they don’t give you that weird bunching feeling at the top of your legs. That you know just doesn’t look so right on a lady.

Shoes – These shoes are from Just Fab. They are super comfy I found them because I love, love Jessie James decker so when I saw them on her for a commercial I needed them. I’m going to do a few other ones if you don’t want a membership sort of shoe company.

Purse – the last few photos have had my LV in it. I can’t help it I love this bad but I have to say I should have gotten the crossbody attachment as I know sometimes it gets a little too heavy and drives me nuts. if you are willing to spend the money differently by the crossbody one.

Outfit of the Day Jan 25th

Sorry for not being on much this week, It has been a crazy week for me.

Today’s outfit was a little too relaxed but after being so tired and late this morning I just went with the flow and grabbed something that looked cute together.

Sweater – I actually got this crop top sweater at Marshalls. Love there deals but super hard to find online! So here are a few Ideas to get the same Style. Top1 Top2 Top3

Jeans – I have to say Jeans are my thing so you will see looks with Blue Jeans, Black jeans and white jeans because it’s seriously my go-to look. Jeans1 Jeans2 Jeans3

Shoes – I love these shoes but they are old! I think there are a few look-alike pairs. Shoes1 Shoes2 Shoes3

Purse – I love this purse but I know it is pricy I’m going to look for some look a likes for you ladies! Purse1 purse2 purse3

There are so many so I just picked a few let me know if you ladies want more look a likes.

Outfit of the day Jan 20th

For those who don’t know me, I am always dress up. I’m not sure if it is my culture or just the way I was brought up.

When I was a young girl my parents used to take me back to Portugal to be with my mom’s parents for the summer times.

My grandma used to always tell me that people look at your appearances no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Hence the reason I am always dressed up.

This out is probably my go to outfit especially because of the jeans.

Top – lace is tricky now a days you have to have a good lace to feel comfy thought the day. Or you will feel itchy. I am going to put a few here of companies I trust. No itch!!! Top1 top2 top3

Jacket – my Mom got me this jacket for my birthday, she really know my style. Plus, it fits to any woman like a glove! I love how it curves to your back just perfect to make you look so much thinner.

Jeans – you know me I love these jeans.

Heels – every girl needs a awesome pump that makes them look tall and sexy. I have 2 that I swear by as they make sure I don’t brake the bank! Heel1 heel2

Full Face Foundation

For those who don’t know me, I have highly sensitive skin. So this has been highly requested by some of my dearest friends. To those who don’t know me, I love makeup! I have always loved watching YouTube, and learned from other makeup artists how to get the perfect foundation look. Now, don’t get me wrong I have tried to get flawless skin foundations. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a choice I have to use the same ones, as every foundation I try doesn’t work.

First, let me tell you all about my skin. Until the age for 18 I had perfect skin, I got a zit here and there, more hormonal when my period would come but other than that I never really had problem skin.

Boy was I wrong! About 6 months after 18 I started having some slight problems, especially when I was working. I had 2 jobs and was basically working early morning to late nights, since it was the summer; I wanted to make some money before college started. About a year later my skin was so bad I was piling on a ton of makeup (allot of people stated you couldn’t tell) But I knew it was a ton. I ended up having to go to a dermatologist, since I couldn’t even leave the house without covering everything up! The doctors tried a bunch of different medications but nothing was really making my skin clear. By 20, the Doctors decided I should go on Accutane. My parents weren’t too happy about it, especially due to all of the side effects. But, after going over everything with the doctor, we decided on going with a low dose over a longer period of time. (Which I highly suggest going with if you are thinking about going on the medication) I was so excited my skin would finally be

Perfect. Truth is your skin has to get worse before it gets better. So for about 3 months my skin was so bad I had cystic acne everywhere and I was constantly popping zits (yes I know you shouldn’t pop but they were horrible) 6 months in everything was gone, no acne but I had a ton of scaring the doctor said after the Accutane we could work on something to make the marks go away. 9 months later I was clear.

Great wouldn’t you think, but nope 2 years later I was having the same problem all over the doctors were in shock. Most doctors would say your skin will never break out again and you would be clear but there are always some situations when it doesn’t work. This time it wasn’t just on my face, it started coming onto my chest. The doctors tried telling me it was allergies as it is very rare it comes back. They decided to do allergy test but they couldn’t figure out what was causing all of this acne all over again. So while having these tests they put me on antibiotic medication. After about 3 months of crazy pizza face, the doctors suggested Accutane again! It was honestly the worst thing ever; we decided again I would be on a low dose of the medication and, a different brand of Accutane. 10 months in my skin was perfect. My chest was much better than my face very slight scaring. But, unfortunately again my face had a ton of scaring. I tried different makeups to cover it up which was great, as since the skin was barely getting acne I could try different brands.

Boy was I wrong again. I started noticing the more I tried a new skin care or makeup the more I would break out! This was the worst thing. How could I use light makeup if I couldn’t use any other brand! Since the ones I were using were all full-face foundations! The Doctors met with me again and stated my skin was used to those brands since my face had adapted to those brands only.

Doctors stated it would be better to go without makeup, but no way I am not that girl.

I ended up finding Mac Prolong wear, this foundation was great as throughout my whole acne issue I was using Mac Studio Fix. It was honestly the only thing that worked and still works.

After I got married I moved to Germany I bought a brand new brand called CoverFX foundation everyone told me it was great and better than Mac, as it was made by dermatologists. I was so happy to have something light on my skin. But, throughout my traveling, I started noticing my skin getting old and full of cystic acne (which hurt allot) my husband even started to notice (which is rare). It completely sucked to be 25 years old and still having crazy acne. I ended up having to drive an hour in Germany to Find a Mac store to stock up on my Prolong wear. Of course, over there it was a different name, but same product. The only thing that sucked is that even though I changed the makeup the acne was still coming. I just wanted to cry 4 years of acne and right after marriage, I was still having it. Once I came back to visit my parents my mom had set up a dermatologist appointment while I was back home for a month. They put me on a great cleaning regiment, which cleared up the acne, but once again there was still a ton of scaring.

So I decided to stop trying new things and stick to the MAC makeup.

Sad to say it didn’t work great about 3 weeks after our formal wedding I got Pregnant with our beautiful daughter. As I was so excited to be having a little girl, I was having horrible acne, now not just on my chest but all over my spine and chest. It was like an acne nightmare. Who gets this much acne in there life! The doctors wanted to put me on medication but I was so fearful of it hurting the baby I just stuck with the acne. I went on base to get grocery’s and found myself in the makeup section (go Figure) the lovely lady at the counter saw me and asked if I had ever tried Ester Lauder. I stated no as it used to break me out before, and I could only use Mac. Unfortunately on our Base in Missouri they didn’t have Mac Makeup, and I was too late to order it online for an event. She told me to try it that it would cover up everything that was going wrong on my face. Oh she was Right it worked amazing for covering up everything. It does have a slight flash back but if you use a lot of bronzer you are good. Throughout my whole pregnancy, I used Double wear by Estee Lauder and man I swear by it.

After my daughter, I went back to make but for special occasions, I swear by Estee Lauder.

I am always trying different ones but till this day I still can only use those 2.

If any lady knows or brands made like those 2! I defiantly wouldn’t mind trying it.

Same Top, 2 Different Outfits

Most people don’t know but every lady needs a staple piece, most of the time its a pair of jeans or a pair of heels, but this time I used was a white top. White sometimes isn’t flattering on every woman but what some woman don’t know is the top should be, 1 to 2 sizes bigger than what you are. THe have it be a little baggy can make it look just right.

Now if anyone knows me, they know I am always in Heels. If I could wear them to the gym I would (don’t worry I don’t). When I lived in Missouri with my husband we used to have weekly meetings with our Army family. Everyone would always know it was me coming into the room because they could hear the heels walking. Even when I was pregnant with Sydney I had heels on. Jason and my Parents were always nervous I was going to fall but I knew I was ok, plus I have been using heels for so many years if I fell it was because of something else.

Both outfits can be used for any occasion whether it is hanging out with friends or a first date. These two outfits will can a room turn to look at you. Plus, I always feel its better to be overdressed than be underdressed. This is just a motto I have always followed.

Outfit 1

Top – Now my top was from Express but unfortunately, they don’t have it anymore it sold out so here are a few options for everyone budget. Top1 Top2 Top3

Jeans – I have so many jeans it’s not even funny but I have found these blue ones to be my favorite as they grab you in just the right places. I have these in so many colors, and I still want to add to that collection. (I know such a shopaholic)

Shoes – These are such a cute dupe for the Valentino’s as those are so pricy one pair is good enough. Plus these are comfy, for a few hours. I, however, wouldn’t suggest walking around in them for 18 hours on your first use. If you are traveling break them in first, then use them as long as you would like.

Jacket – Since the other jackets I put up have already sold out. I’m going to find you guys a few more in case they don’t have your size. Coat1 Coat2 Coat3

Outfit 2

Top – (if the links don’t work on this paragraph please go to the first paragraph to get Top details) Top1 Top2 Top3

Jeans – Love how these jeans no matter how many times you wash them stay black. Black jeans I feel are one of the hardest jeans to stay black, as they fade throughout time.

Heels – I have these in black and I believe Camo too. Love the hight and for the price, they are a steal. They go great with everything I swear by that. The black ones are my favorite but every girl needs some leopard print in their life.

Outfit of the Day Jan 18th

Today’s outfit was inspired but a few other bloggers all put together. I have noticed, for some reason, certain prints don’t make it past a year but, leopard print has lasted 5-6 years and still looks great on everyone.

Black is probably one of my favorite colors I have about 5 different blacks jeans, tops, dresses, and shoes but they seem to always go with something. Plus they can be used year round, which I love.

Top – Now this top is old, but I found a look-alike which will look great on anyone. Since there aren’t that many sizes in this I will attach a few others. 1 2

Jeans – I absolutely love these jeans as they go high enough to feel comfy with your body, but not too high to look awkward. Plus, I have had so many other women I know, get them in different sizes and they look great!! Unfortunately, since they are on sale they have run out of a few sizes so I here is, another brand that I also own that I love.

Cardigan – Now I just got this in the mail yesterday and I am so, so in love with it. Especially since it is black it goes with everything and it has pockets which if your hands are cold you can put them in it. Another great thing about it is, it can be used in the Fall also, it’s not just a winter cardigan.

Boots – these were a lovely gift from my Mom because she knows me so well. These are comfy and fashionable. Here is another brand that looks a lot like them also just in case they are out of your size.

Bracelets – These bracelets are so cute and I like how they don’t come off unless you unscrew them. Here are a few places to get them White Gold, Yellow Gold. Or for my Amazon Lovers White Gold, or Yellow Gold

Ring – This ring is so comfy, plus since I am allergic to silver it is hard to get something fashionable that works with me. It has to be a pure metal or it turns my finger black.

Purse – love my LV, but one thing I hate is that it doesn’t have pockets. Organizer coming this weekend.

Foundation – I use this foundation every day and I swear by it. (makeup details coming this weekend.

For more questions, please write on this blog or Go to my instagram and DM me.

A night Out/ OOTD

So as most mom’s know, night outs with your husband or even boyfriend are hard to get. You are either spending your nights at home cleaning the clothes, or you spend your nights playing with crazy little munchkins and making Netflixs your night out. But, once in a while my husband and I ask my parents to watch our daughter so we can go out and enjoy a little couples time.

This past weekend I received a wonderful gift for my husband and I to go out to dinner and a comedy show in Morgan Hill and wow, This place was fabulous.

Not only was the food amazing but the venue was to die for. If you live in the Bay Area you would love this. I have to say it is better fit for a band than a comedian because at least you can dance on the lively floor.

The Location was The Granada. If you are looking for a fun night out try to see if you can get in on one of their shows. It’s great! 

Outfit details

Dress – this dress is about 8 years old unfortunately but it still looks rocking hot and it can make any girl look flattering. I have to say even for my age I use high wasted tummy tucking shorts as I feel it makes the dress look way more flattering.

Coat – I was a little scared to wear this jackets sit was full suede and I didn’t want it to get wet. (Since the weather has been really weird lately) Another Coat

Shoes – I have to say these shoes go with everything! Plus they make such a great statement piece I think everyone needs this in there wardrobe, whether it’s the really ones or the dupe ones.

Purse – OK, I love love this purse I got it 5 years ago in Paris when Jason surprised me with a trip there. It is the thing I feel goes with everything and has enough room to store everything. I have to say though LV doesn’t have allot of storage space in it so I highly suggest getting a storage helper for inside. (Really helps you keep things organized)

Nails – I unfortunately, didn’t get the nail color. But I did do dip nails, I honestly have to say dip powder is the best thing for natural nails. I feel it lasts forever on my fingers. But, pay attention to what they are doing, as they totally made mine so short. I mean it is easier to type but really hard to look at. 

Umbrella – with this crazy weather we are having in Silicon Valley a Umbrella is always needed. especially when you are wearing suede. 

Happy 30th Birthday to Me

So it’s true I just turned 30 years old and wow was it a surprise. I was so happy to have this lovely surprise party thrown for me.

So much has happened in my 30 years of life, that it makes me so happy to have celebrated it with people I love and can trust to be by my side. Family and Friends are the best to have in your life, I know at times everyone can feel like a loner (trust me I can raise my hand to that) but everyone needs someone in there life in order to call when anything bad happens.

Outfits Details

This outfit was a basic all Amazon Fashion outfit. Put together last minute not realizing it would be an Amazon Fashion outfit.

Top – This is actually a Body Suit, I have used it with high waisted jeans, and Skirts. I love having a top that you can use in 2 different ways. It makes me feel I am getting a good use if my outfit. It does run big. I got mine in a Medium. Which is my normal size but it seems to be slightly to big.

Skirt – This skirt does come in a few different colors plus it has some adjusters in the back in order to grow as you eat, which is always my problem I always seem to look bigger after I eat. I would, however, size up than what you usually are, as this was still slightly too tight.

Boots – these were not from Amazon I bought them last year at an outlet. But I found a similar pair on Amazon that I have a green pair and they are super comfy.

Sash – this was a gift from my husband but I was impressed with how classy it looked to even say “Dirty Thirty” on it. Plus I kept it for one of my other friends as they all loved it.

Curler– I usually never leave the house without my hair curled as I just don’t feel I look that good without it being curled. I swear by this curler as no matter what type of hair you have it will curl your hair plus you don’t need to have it on high heat to work.

Outfit of the Day Jan. 11

Sweater – This sweater has a beautiful especially with the detail on the upper Left (sorry it isn’t in the picture) I got mine in one size bigger than I am just so it looked a little baggier. I love my stuff on the top bigger.

Jeans – These jeans I have on are great they pretty much go with everything but I love is how they stretch through out the day but go back to what they were after you wash them.

Boots – I bought these boots last year! So, unfortunately they won’t be online but I found a pair of look alike and will be sure to attach the new version of them on here too. New version

Bracelets – I love, love the LOVE Cartier bracelet plus the way it screws on to your wrist makes it less likely to loss. Look alike

Ring– once again Love the LOVE by Cartier. Look alike

Umbrella – as I seem to always loose umbrella I needed to go get a new one. Found this at a killer price and is super cute.

Outfit of the Day Jan. 10

Sweater – a light cream sweater is not only cozy but seriously goes with everything. This sweater is great plus it isn’t itchy or uncomfortable.

Scarf – This is a light patterned scarf. It is a little long but you can pretty much wear it where ever you want and it goes with so so much, Jeans, black dress even some green it goes great.

Jeans – These jeans are so great they are even tight around your ankles. They also have a slight rip in them not too much but just enough, I sometimes wear these to work if I get a long enough tunic.

Pants – I decided to give you guys 2 different ways of wearing this outfit it can go with jeans like I usually pick or it can go with pants. These are more like leggings and they only have the pattern on the front. Unfortuantly, mine are old here is sonething very similar.

Shoes – I swear by these loafers I use them all the time especially if I am walking around and want to still look stylish. I have them in all colors, White, Silver and a Blue pattern.

Tanner – I currently am using 2 different ones but I swear by this one. Unfortunately some of these tanners just rub off this one really sticks to your skin. (read my self tanner blog for more ideas)

Nails– Taupe color