Outfit of the day Jan 9th

Work style can be so different. With rain like crazy in Cali these past few days I can’t always predict what will happen to my look. I currently am working for just a little bit and will be running after kids for the rest of the day.

Top – a light comfy grey sweater is always great. This sweater also isn’t sticky or titchy which is great. It is made out of polyester so it won’t shrink. I have it in a large even though I could use a medium I choose a bigger size so it is a little baggier

Scarf – I got my scarf in Missouri when I lived there on base so I can’t guarantee I will find the same one but don’t worry I will place a few here. 2 1

Jeans – These jeans are so cute. especially for moms, they are a comfy high waisted, so it tucks in all of that tummy fat and keeps you looking at your best. They also run a little big. I got my regular size 27 but I have a good amount of room in the back.

Boots – These are super cute and super cheap. I sized down so I didn’t have to use socks. They give such a cute look and plus have a little heel not enough to give you height but enough to make your outfit look put together. I have attached a few other brands as it looks these are running out of sizes. 1 2 3

Nails – I know I need to get mine redone but I am not sure if I stick with the Grey or go pinker. Attached is the color of dip powder I get on these nails.

Home Depot for Toddlers

Having a toddler is probably the hardest part. Between the age of walking until school, you have to be on top of those little munchkins all the time. Plus if they are anything like my little girl they never stop moving. As a mom, that is trying to work and watch a child can be so difficult. you end up having to stop doing one thing because your only child wants someone to talk to and be entertained by.

My daughter at the moment is 2.5 years old and unfortunately is still in diapers. I know people say every kid should be trained early but to be honest with my crazy schedule I feel I don’t even have time to take a bath. With my husband working crazy hours I am basically with my parents or by myself. Which isn’t a bad thing I love my daughter time I get but for once I would like to relax and make her get out some energy without me having to be the one entertaining her.

One day, my mom (who watches my daughter) was at home Depot with her, and knowing Sydney she was talking and moving around like crazy (no she doesn’t have ADD, she is just 2 years old and an only child). A lady at home Depot stopped her and asked if she was signed up for home Depot classes. Knowing my mom and Knowing me we didn’t even know there were home Depot classes for toddlers all we thought is that they A sold supplies or B has classes to teach Adults how to build things. But, for sure we didn’t know they had classes and for sure I didn’t know they allowed a 2-year-old in them.

The classes are only once a month and on the first Saturday of the month. Which unfortunately doesn’t entertain my child all day but it does give me a few hours of just watching her have fun. Now, for people who don’t know your child must be supervised at all times. (Which sucks at times because for us moms you need some space)

The class registry is all online (Link). You sign up for your child by filling out their name and age. The class starts promptly at 9am which is great if your child is up by then. The class states you go from 9 to 12 which I thought was a long class but they must teach you child allot. Truth is you basically do the class with your child on your own.

The way the class goes is like this, first 5 minutes you are given your packets and your instructions. If you are, late don’t worry, when you get the package it has all the directions. It is a different class every month. This week class was like this, you built an easel with your child than you will paint the easel. With this, you have to wait for about 30-40 minutes for it to dry. Then, you go back to your painted easel, your child will pick what ever they want to draw. With this, you will start to paint your background of the picture. Don’t worry it is not that hard for your child. My husband decided on her drawing the home depot sign, which kinda didn’t turn out like the sign but she did get the orange background Perfect. then once again you have to wait 30 to 40 minutes than you will go back again and draw the final piece.

This does take allot of your time throughout the day and if you are in a hurry to just entertain your child fast I don’t suggest doing this. However, if you are off for the day and you need a fun idea to do with your child, this is a great idea for you. They get to explore there imagination, and learn some basic skills you didn’t think of teaching them. Painting is a great way to teach them an artistic way of seeing life. I believe every child should try everything in order to see if they are good at it or not.

Technology is great now a days but, if you want to teach your child something new I would defiantly take them to one of there classes.

Outfit of the day Jan. 6 ,2019

Today was a lazy day, with crazy wind and lots of rain. So, since we stayed home mostly today I went for a lazy outfit.

Attached is all the info on outfit details.

Hat – a Budweiser navy blue ball cap. This hat is comfy plus it has a adjustable back to make it fit bigger or smaller.

Sweater – this is an oldie but a goodie. I bought this about 4 years ago when I lived in Missouri. These are similar ones 1, 2.

Iphone – Iphone Max, Great camera and I love how big it is I used to have the iphone 6 but I needed a better camera so when I upgraded I decided to go bigger.

Iphone Case

Jeans – even though you can see them I have jeans on this is to match the blue on my sweater and hat.

Nails – I currently am doing dip powder on my nails it helps keep them thick and they don’t break so they can grow longer, I attached the dip powder color. But here is also 1 nail polish color and 1 at home gel color, for our perfect nail girls. 1, 2

Outfit of the Day Jan. 5th

With living in Cali, we have some days that are Rainy but still warm. Today in California it’s rainy and windy but since I usually am indoors I needed some fashion. I have always been the type of person that dresses up no matter what the time is of the day or where I am going I always feel it’s better to be dressed up than dressed down.

Top – white and flowy, in this picture you can’t tell but I have it tucked in on my belt line. This top is beautiful but unfortunately, is sold out so I placed a look alike. I also ordered it 2 sizes bigger than me to make it look flowier.

Tank top – Today it is super cold and since this top is white I put a black top underneath to make it slightly warmer.

Scarf – This is a beautiful and comfy scarf, that can go with so much.

Pants – Any black skinny jeans will go great with this outfit. I have attached the exact ones I have on, but, I swear jeans are something I say to each it’s own, whatever makes you feel comfy and beautiful. These are 2 sizes smaller than what I really am and they are so comfy.

Boots – OK, so I know so many women have heard about this company, I swear I am not sponsored but these are so comfy I already had 3 people stop me and ask where I bought them. 2 already bought them. Unfortunately to get them you would have to sign up for the company. Or, have someone who is already a member to buy them for you.

Nails – I get dip powder done I sometimes do it at home but this time I got it done in a salon, I attached a look alike color of you would want to do them at home.

Hair – I used hot rollers today in my hair as I curled it with a curling Iron yesterday. I try to only use heat on my hair 2 times a week and used hot rollers for the rest of the week.

Best and Worst lotions for Self-Tanner

If you are anything like me, you self tan. And, for us semi-dark ladies we hate losing our tan we worked so hard to get.

One thing I have learned through out all my self-tanners is that self-tanner doesn’t work well with certain lotions.

As many of us bloggers say, use lotion to make the tanner last longer or even, use lotion so that your hands and feet don’t get all blotchy.

Best Lotions T

1. By far the best lotion I have ever used with my self-tanner is, Vaseline intense care body lotion aloe smooth. This stuff is a dream, you put it on your skin and not only does it feel like butter but your self-tanner looks great!

2. Jergens smoothing Aloe – this stuff is just like the Vaseline but way more hydrating but o would suggest it to be used after you do your self-tanner and you rinse off the color guard.

3. Cetaphil – this lotion is great for my oily acne prone girls great for making sure your self-tanner on your knees, hands, elbows, and feet.

4. Another great Lotion/oil is Cocoa Butter Formula. This is usually used for women with stretch marks but I have found it to be great body lotion. (but not to use before you put the self-tanner)

5. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant – this stuff is great it makes my skin feel great but I have to say its not in my top list as because it did stay sticky on my skin for a few hours. so if you are using this before your self-tanner you will need to wait till it semi-dries.

Cerave – Like Cetaphil, this is a great lotion for people who have sensitive skin. I have highly sensitive skin, so the doctor recomended this to me. I like it but I dont feel glowy after I use it I just feel the same. I mean it does help keep my skin mosturized but I dont feel any different than if I didnt put it on.

Worst Lotions

  1. Vaseline Extremely Dry Skin Rescue– this is great for really dry skin but if you have a tan it isn’t that good it will actually make your skin so smooth that the tan will rub off. Which isn’t good if you have paid to go to a salon and get it a good spray tan, stay as far as you can away from this stuff.
  2. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – I used this stuff all through high school but as soon as I started using it again recently it is way-way too greasy. I put it on my elbows and knees before I self-tanned. But, by the next day when I went to wash off the color guard all of the tanners on my elbows and knees came right off. SO for about 2 days, I looked like I something was wrong with my skin. I had to scrub all the self-tanner off in order to make my skin match.
  3. Lubriderm – This is great for your face, I have used this as moisturizer in the past but now that I use makeup it doesn’t make my makeup last.

Top Self Tanners

For everyone that knows me, knows I love my self-tanner. As I used to go into tanning booths but the cost, if you don’t go all the time, is a little much for a mom of a 2-year old that works. So with this, I started the self-tanning journey.

Self-tanner can be difficult to find especially for Olive skin. Plus, you don’t want to look Orange all of these self-tanners will make you look Natural Dark not ORANGE.

All links will be attached to the name in order for you to go and get it right away.

  1. Sosu by Suzanne Jackson – Ultra Dark – by far is one of the best tanners I have ever tried. It works great on my olive skin and fades amazing. I have to say my skin looks like I just got out of the sun. Plus if I don’t tan I am white like paper so this definitely makes my skin look perfect.
  2. Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzer – Ulta Dark – this is a great brand the 8 hours one is better than the 2 hours. If you are in a hurry I would suggest the 2-hour self-tanner, but not that it does flake off and doesn’t fade well.
  3. St. Tropez – Dark – This is a great self-tanner also but I don’t feel it gives me that dark, dark color as I like. I love to look like I was out at the beach for weeks.
  4. Jergens – Ulta Dark instant Bronzer – I have to say I just tried this stuff for when I am Kinda fading or somehow some of it washed off to just create more of a seamless look and I have to say I love it. (I wouldn’t suggest to use it if you are going to use white clothes. It does get on the white stuff so be careful with that.

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