Happy Friday!!! OOTD

Happy Friday everyone!!! I can’t believe the week is already over time flies so fast it’s crazy!

Vest– I found this vest in my closet and I fell in love. Its a little tight as I think it was when I was a smaller size but at this moment I’m at the same size I was in high school. Even after having my Daughter, I haven’t really gained a lot of weight. Which is great but it makes me not want to give anything up.

Turtle neck – This is not as warm as you would think but the colors go great! plus it isn’t too tight which is great because it fits great, and isn’t too tight.

Jeans – I can’t say how much I love these jeans. They are pretty much almost sold out. They fit just right, and the color stays black, doesn’t change with every wash. Which is a big plus to me.

Boots – I swear by these boots. I wore these basically all over Europe and people loved them. They gave me the height but not too much of it. Since my husband is so tall, I have to make sure I have some heel or I disappear.

Hair – Once again I usually us a T3 curling Iron but today I used my hot rollers. It defiantly helps in I am in a rush. But, the bad part is you have to remember to turn it, which somedays I forget.

Hair color – I know I have changed my hair color all the time but I wanted to let you ladies know my last hair color. Yes, I know box dye is bad! I just feel I never really have time to go in, and it takes so long it is so much easier for me to do it at home. Top Color, Bottom Color

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Hi my name is Priscilla, and welcome to my blog. I am a young mom who is passionate about fashion and beauty. Please Fallow my blog for ideas, tips and tricks on fashion, kids clothes and diary stories of my life.

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